Who is your instructor?

Justyna Giezynska believes that education improves with internationalisation. In her work with university staff at Studybility, she focuses on intercultural management in international education and on teaching & learning in an intercultural classroom. Studybility enables international education professionals to quickly and effectively solve their current work issues. Educated in Cultural Anthropology (BA) at the University of California, Santa Cruz and in Russian and Eastern European Studies (MA) at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington DC, Justyna spent 12 years in the USA, studying and working. The last 15 years she has spent helping higher education staff grow in an increasingly global environment and their institutions - apply strategic thinking and administrative changes driven by internationalisation. Recently, Justyna has coordinated two multiple-member Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships related to internationalisation of teaching and learning.

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